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4 Reasons to Do Your Shopping on Small Business Saturday

4 Reasons to Do Your Shopping on Small Business Saturday

November 04, 2020

When Thanksgiving rolls around, the holiday shopping season comes into full swing. While many people prepare their strategy for Black Friday shopping, a lot of them forget about the second shopping holiday that weekend: Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is the day you are supposed to look to your smaller area shops to find those perfect holiday gifts while showing support for your local shopkeepers. If you have never shopped on Small Business Saturday, check out some of the top reasons to put it on your list this November. 

You Will Be Supporting Your Local Community

While you may not find the rock bottom prices you will see on Black Friday, the money you spend will go to a lot better purpose, which is supporting your local community. Small business owners not only likely support community projects in the area but also pay sales taxes to the area that they are located in. This means the money they collect goes back into your community for schools, parks, and other public services. 

You Will Enjoy Better and More Personal Customer Service

Customers are a small business's greatest asset. They rely on word-of-mouth advertising and will strive to go that extra mile to provide you with superior customer service so that you come back again and again. Also, the owners and managers of small businesses know and care about the people in their local community, which will allow them to better accommodate their needs and provide them with the personal service they wouldn't receive from a large chain store. 

You Will Be Helping to Create Local Jobs

Small businesses employ almost half of all private-sector employees. By shopping there and showing your support, you will create a demand for more jobs at the businesses, prompting more local community members to obtain employment. 

You Will Find More Unique Products

When shopping at large chain stores, you will find mass-produced items. At small businesses, you are likely to find more unique or personalized items. You also will find a greater diversity in the types of products that are available. Whether it is handmade jewelry or an artisan food product, you will be able to find that one-of-a-kind gift at one of your local small business shops. 

A final reason to participate in Small Business Saturday is it will make you feel good to know that you are helping to strengthen your community and bring business to those you live by and interact with. 



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