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Introducing Our New Estate Planning Attorney: Lincoln Anderson

Introducing Our New Estate Planning Attorney: Lincoln Anderson

June 21, 2021

In your great to-do list of life, where does estate planning fall? Many people prioritize saving for retirement and paying down debt yet completely ignore the importance of estate planning. We get it. Not only is it easy to get caught up in the pressing needs right in front of us, but it’s also no fun thinking about our own disability or death; we believe it’s too costly to get these documents in place; or we think we don’t have enough money to worry about estate planning. 

Regardless of how much (or how little) you have to your name, if you don’t create a plan, you are taking a huge risk when it comes to caring for your family and your assets. We believe your estate plan does not need to be complicated or stressful, and the peace of mind it provides is worth it. 

Why You Need An Estate Plan

Neglecting to create a plan almost guarantees leaving your loved ones with legal headaches. Without medical directives, families are left to guess how to handle end-of-life care. Without a will, determining how to divide assets is often left to impersonal judges. Unnecessary probate and taxes diminish the funds left behind. Simply put, an estate plan gives specific directions for your loved ones so they don’t have to muddle through difficult decisions and unnecessary stress in a time of grief.

Additionally, estate planning incorporates legacy planning. This allows you to pass on your family or financial values and ensures your wishes are carried out. Good estate planning mitigates risks and provides your family with a secure plan for how your wealth will be transferred.

Meet Lincoln

Because we understand and value the importance of estate planning, we have added a well-known and respected estate attorney to our team so that we can make sure this integral piece of your financial planning puzzle is in place. 

Lincoln comes to us with a long and storied experience. How did a boy born in Germany make his way to Kansas, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, and finally back to Colorado? Lincoln’s journey has had some twists and turns, but his career in the legal profession started in the infamous 1980s when he graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law and started practicing law in Denver in the private practice civil rights field. Then, and here’s the first twist, Lincoln left the legal profession and became a commodity trader specializing in natural gas. Not your typical career change! Lincoln spent a decade in the energy industry, and this is when he got to live in many of the aforementioned cities. 

But law kept calling Lincoln back, so he returned to Colorado with his wife, Heather (who was also an attorney), and two young children and started practicing estate planning and elder law. This is where Lincoln settled and found his calling. He saw the immense value he could provide for families as they navigated the future and set up plans for critical life milestones. 

Today, Lincoln and Heather are deeply rooted in their Ouray County community, volunteering and searching for their next adventure, usually on their bicycles. The two children they moved to Colorado with decades ago are now grown adults and live in the Denver area. 

Lincoln is here to be an estate planning resource for our clients, from shoring up documents to working through complexities to reviewing existing plans. He is only one man, so can’t meet individually with every client, but will be an in-house professional to help give us guidance and help connect all clients to the right resource. 

Here For All Your Financial Planning Needs

AtColorado West Investments, we care deeply about providing comprehensive service to our clients so they can look to the future with confidence and meaning. Our team approach means that all our clients receive the cumulative experience and knowledge of our staff, and adding Lincoln to our team just deepens our roster and gives you yet another resource as you pursue your goals. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, or to give Lincoln a big welcome, call 970-249-9882 or email 

About Michael

Michael Murphy is an associate wealth advisor at Colorado West Investments Inc., a wealth management firm committed to providing exceptional, comprehensive financial services to highnet-worth individuals, business owners, and retirees. Michael is known for building strong relationships with his clients, helping them clarify their goals and values, and partnering with them to design a financial road map that will help them work toward their ideal life. He is passionate about walking his clients through the financial planning process and seeing the confidence and relief on his clients’ faces as a result. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the University of Colorado Denver. When he’s not in the office, you can find him outside, likely hiking or mountain biking, or digging into a book. Michael and his wife, Becca, have 6 dogs at home. Becca runs a dog training and boarding facility. To learn more about Michael, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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