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Wealth With a Purpose

Your Colorado West Investment team strives to carry out our own definitions of Wealth and Purpose in our personal and professional lives.

For us, our relationships with clients, friends and the communities we live, work and play in, are at the heart of our focus. Creating memories, building relationships and being engaged in our community enriches our lives!

Our Definitions of Wealth and Purpose...








To assist clients to live their life by design, not by default.


To assist clients in developing a WealthPurpose Plan that aligns their purpose with their financial needs and goals by providing education and communication, while delivering service that exceeds their expectations.

Our Value Proposition is more than just words, it’s the action we take.  Let us define what a few of the keywords in our value proposition mean to us;

Assist:  To apply our knowledge and experience for your benefit.

Purpose:  Your purpose may be as unique as you are. Once you define that purpose(s), we assist in developing a WealthPurpose Plan with tailored strategies to help you pursue your needs and goals.

Education:  Making informed decisions are best accomplished by making educated decisions. We provide opportunities to stay informed with individual and group meetings. You may not be interested in understanding everything, but you do need to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it applies to you.  Most importantly, we want to develop a WealthPurpose Plan that suits your needs.

Communication:  Our communication doesn’t stop at educational opportunities. We want to know you as a person and not just an account. This allows us to create a WealthPurpose Plan that is customized to you and your purpose.

Exceed expectations:  Our goal is to deliver a level of service you can depend on and which exceeds what you receive anywhere else.

Does this sound like the type of relationship you are looking for from the firm managing your wealth?