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Betty Tomlinson

Betty Tomlinson

Wealth Manager

What do Bill Gates, Rachael Ray, Kobe Bryant and Betty Tomlinson all have in common?

If you guessed excellent dance moves, that would be true if it weren’t for Bill Gates. The correct answer is that they each have so much drive, determination and natural intellect that they didn’t need to bother with a 4-year degree in order to thrive in their careers. Betty started working as a bank teller at age 19. By the time she was 20, she had been promoted to a management position and she was officially made an officer of the bank before she was old enough to drink margaritas. Within a few years, she was securities licensed and had begun to tackle a whole new area of financial services: investments and financial advice. We won’t list every role she had, every goal she smashed or every Western Slope bank branch she managed, but suffice it to say that she become a rock star at a very young age.

But every season comes to an end. As the figurative and literal snows of winter began to fall on her time at the bank, Betty found herself with a new opportunity: being Miss Independent. For a financial advisor, becoming independent means leaving a big brand name firm whose identity you’ve assumed (e.g. Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch or Bank of the West), and instead defining your own identity with the support of a ‘behind-the-scenes’ broker/dealer. In this case, the independent firm Colorado West Investments perfectly lined up with the direction Betty wanted to go, so in late 2014, Betty and Kevin Sanderford combined their superpowers and launched on a new adventure.

Perhaps you, the reader, have begun to wonder if Betty’s superpowers only extend to her career. Don’t be silly. In the midst of nurturing her career, Betty started a family and now has two handsome young boys. She provides a robust amount of emotional support to her husband, Matt, a talented taxidermist. On top of all that, Betty has consistently held positions on the Board of Directors of local non-profits, including Habitat for Humanity and Hospice, and she currently serves as the President of Maslow Academy’s board. Oh, and she can plan an epic themed birthday party.

Betty brings a spirit of optimism and determination to the team that is invaluable. She brings structure and consistency and fun. Plus, if you catch her in the right mood, she might even share one of her shocking number of extremely embarrassing stories!