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Vada Dillard

Vada Dillard

Comfort Specialist

Vada, our expert Comfort Specialist, became a part of the Cimarron team in March 2023.  With her calm and gentle demeanor, she has quickly become an important member of the team and knows how to make everyone smile wherever she goes.

Born in 2019, Vada is a 90 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog, which were originally used as draft animals on the farm to pull carts and originated from Bern, Switzerland and the Swiss Alps. Although she’s never actually pulled any carts (yet!), she has provided comfort, affection, snuggles, and emotional support to many children in her previous role as Therapy Dog at a local pediatric therapy clinic for almost 4 years. While it may seem like Vada spends a lot of time sleeping on the job, she is a very good girl and an essential part of Cimarron Wealth Management and our company culture.

When she’s not at the office, Vada enjoys going for walks, playing in the snow, making new friends and spending time with her human, Director of Client Services, Cheryl Dillard.

Vada would like to add that she will happily accept belly rubs and treats from office visitors, clients and pretty much everyone else!  Make sure you get a high-five when you see her!