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Kevin and Skye's Northern Tier Bike Ride!

As a team, each one of us strives to live a life of purpose. That doesn’t look the same for everyone, but we all do our best to surround ourselves with community, live generously and play hard. This summer, our founding Wealth Manager, Kevin, is walking that talk. For years, his bucket list has included one particular adventure: riding a bicycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. On June 10, he dipped his back tire in the Pacific Ocean near Anacortes, WA and set off with his 12-year-old daughter, Skye, joining him on a tandem bike. They’ll work hard (really hard), meet tons of new friends and accomplish something remarkable. Follow along as they make their way across the country, through rain and shine, across mountains and prairies!

They are 42.95% of the way on their journey of 4,244 miles (7/16/19)

Scroll down to view the weekly photo albums, stories, riding stats, and interactive map as we follow them on this epic ride! Be sure to visit us on our FaceBook page for updates @coloradowestinvestments 

July 16th Totals: 60.17 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 2,112 ft | Total Time on Bike: 5.46 Hours

July 15th Totals: 75.14 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 2,266 ft | Total Time on Bike: 6.71 Hours

Week 5 Totals: 409.46 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 6,745 ft | Total Time on Bike:  37.28 Hours

Week 4 Totals: 325.22 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 11,253 ft | Total Time on Bike: 34 Hours

Week 3 Totals: 294.41 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 10,337 ft | Total Time on Bike: 29 Hours

Week 2 Totals: 318.9 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 16,937 ft | Total Time on Bike: 31 Hours

Week 1 Totals: 339.4 Miles | Total Elevation Gain: 21,505 ft | Total Time on Bike: 42 Hours

Click on the pins on the interactive map below to see where Kevin and Skye have stopped, read short stories, and see pictures along the way.